Hillary, America's Miss Havisham

This week, the sorest loser since Dickens’ Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, Hillary Clinton, began peddling her latest book What Happened. (No question mark at the end because it’s didactic, not really an inquiry. She knows the answer and she’s going to instruct us out of her infinite wisdom and years-long expertise, including two such losses.) On Twitter, the actor James Wood offers a visual of the reasons she proffers, feigning regret that he was not included. James Woods‏Verified account @RealJamesWoods Sep 12 Damn! Didn't make the cut... 7:39 PM - 12 Sep 2017 If you think Woods was exaggerating, here’s an edited video of her interview with Jane Pauley. It’s like watching a child explaining that it was Batman who smeared his mother’s lipstick over the mirror. The book is so bad that far-left Counterpunch asks whether she stiffed the ghostwriter out of the final payment (as she did to the ghostwriter of...(Read Full Article)