Grant's Tomb and Other 'Hate Symbols'

Pandering to the regressive mob, Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to give a straightforward answer on how New York City should treat monuments to President and General Ulysses S. Grant, which include a statue of Grant on horseback in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (standing since 1896), and Grant’s Tomb in Riverside Park, Manhattan (housing Grant’s body since 1897). De Blasio’s dithering comes in the wake of his declaring a 90-day review of “hate symbols” in New York City for ultimate removal. While he was a hero and was integral to the Union’s survival and victory in the U.S. Civil War, Grant ordered Jews to be expelled from three southern states during the Civil War. If New York removes these “hate symbols” towards Jews, the world should follow in a logically consistent way. Perhaps through the stewardship of the infinitely wise United Nations, the world should remove the following from the face of the Earth: All remaining ancient...(Read Full Article)