'Fake Protest' is When Regime Supporters Do It

I suppose a part of me died a week ago when Nancy Pelosi’s speech was interrupted by activist Dreamers. Oh wait! Wrong Narrative! Instead, I had an epiphany. This protest, I realized, with a Good Little Girl leading a well-rehearsed chant exactly as she was presumably taught by her government-paid professor at her government university, was “Fake Protest.” What it was not was the genuine cry of the wretched of the Earth. How do I know that? First, because Good Little Girls do not do revolution. Second, because the Good Little Girl was advocating in a cause supported by the ruling class as Good Little Girls do. Third, because the Great and the Good did not immediately dump on the protesters as evil pond scum. This latest epiphany comes after an earlier epiphany I had about the Left right after the 2016 election. The left is always advocating for people outside of the system. Why? Because that is the warrant for Revolution, baby. In 1850 in Britain,...(Read Full Article)