Educating Colleges: Free Speech Isn't Free

The University of California at Berkeley, the "birthplace of the free speech movement," has again shown that it cannot tolerate free speech.  While accusations and counter-accusations fly like spitballs, it is crystal-clear that the administration of this "center of higher learning" has thrown multiple roadblocks in the way of bringing conservative speakers to the campus.  Conservatives are blamed for the security costs imposed by Antifa rioters. Should we be surprised?  A glance at the university's leadership roster shows that the "vice chancellor for equity and diversity," Oscar Dubón, Ph.D., is an engineering professor whose bio says he hasn't left the campus since age 17.  His student affairs department is responsible for "student conduct." As an engineer, Dr. Dubón ought to understand cause and effect.  Yet there is little evidence that students are actually expected to be respectful and...(Read Full Article)