Costumes are not Cultural Appropriation

Many Halloween outfits that were once thought to be safe to wear are now offending large groups and opening up an avenue for criticism of the wearer. In the past few years, society’s views on costumes have shifted in a more sensitive and culturally aware direction.  There are more and more people who are quick to call out cultural appropriation in Halloween costumes than ever before.  But are the costumes themselves really an example of cultural appropriation? “Costumes aren’t meant to be hurtful, they’re just about having fun,” Says Erik Mandel CEO of the Halloween costume website, Costume SuperCenter, “Yes, some Halloween outfits push the boundaries of social appropriateness but crossing a line is up to the person wearing the costume, not the costume itself.” As many an essay has started, we can look at this argument by first looking at the definition of the word “costume.” Webster’s defines a costume as...(Read Full Article)