China Makes It Easy

Steve Bannon is right.  China is the main event, North Korea is a sideshow. Nevertheless, one of the poorest nations on the planet has decided that its heart’s desire is to have a weapon system that can land one or more nuclear weapons on U.S. cities. Sometimes you are best served by ignoring the absurdity of the situation and concentrate on intent, because people crazy enough to put a lot of effort into something they don’t need might, on a whim or a mood swing, decide one day to use it. There is a cheap solution to this, but let’s first work through the expensive options. An air campaign against a very poor country that spent half a century building hardened shelters would just make the rubble bounce. It would also have the effect of reinforcing the regime’s legitimacy. John Boyd was the world’s best air warfare theorist and his studies came to the conclusion that a ground campaign is needed to change facts on the ground. An air campaign by...(Read Full Article)