Will Rouhani uphold human rights in Iran?

No matter how hard some in the West and more accurately in Europe try to prove differently, the answer to that question is no. In Iran, Hassan Rouhani was inaugurated for his second term as president in a luxurious ceremony and in sharp contrast to mullahs’ claims that they are against it. But that is not all. He invited European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and other people of this type for his inauguration - European elites and the tinpot dictators they enable. Mogherini’s ‘embarrassing’ selfies with some members of mullahs’ Majlis (parliament) created commotions and sent some unprecedented shock waves through the Iranian regime hierarchy. The Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei and his faction are furious because they see it as yet another step toward succumbing to the West. Don’t get it wrong, Khamenei is not against rapprochement with the West but he wants to do it on his own pace and...(Read Full Article)