Why is Trump still supporting McMaster?

Every day it becomes clearer why former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn was unmasked and the early target of a series of illegal leaks targeting Team Trump. Flynn was an unabashed critic of President Barack Hussein Obama and someone who would take a bullet for Trump in any political battle. He had to be dispensed with and someone less loyal to Trump and more accommodating to the “resistance” put in his place. That man was to be General H.R. McMaster, and the story of how he got to be President Trump’s National Security Adviser speaks volumes about his true loyalties. As journalist Caroline Glick notes in a recent article: … there is the issue of how McMaster got there in the first place. Trump interviewed McMaster at Mara a Lago for a half an hour. He was under terrible pressure after firing Flynn to find someone. And who recommended McMaster? You won’t believe this. Senator John McCain. That’s right. The NSA got his...(Read Full Article)