Trump's Best Defense

The partisan witch hunt being conducted against President Trump, his family, and supporters is a good example of the principle, “The best defense is a good offense.”  Have you ever been falsely accused of something? Defense is difficult at best.  No matter what you say or do in response, it always makes you sound guilty to your accusers, or worse, a whiner to the undecided.  Why? Because innocent people and guilty people both declare their innocence.  Of course, facts should matter.  But facts are slippery creatures.  I am tempted to qualify that with “nowadays,” but thus has it always been.  Do you think false accusations are something new? It was a serious enough problem 3000 years ago, that “Do not bear false witness” made it into the Ten Commandments.  Even, maybe especially, if you do not believe in the divine origin of that Commandment, you can still infer that false allegations have always been a...(Read Full Article)