The Wall Is the Centerpiece for Asserting American Sovereignty

Five days after taking office, President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13767, which authorized the building of a wall on our Southern border and other measures to increase the number of immigration officers to defend our borders against illegal crossings. This authorization for a physical wall has a cost, estimated by the Department of Homeland Security, of over $20 billion. However, Congress has not yet taken action to fund this project or the envisioned increase in immigration enforcement personnel. To say that Trump’s commitment and authorization to build a wall has ignited extreme controversy would be an understatement. Some pundits are claiming that we are on the brink of civil war, and that polarization is in no small measure because of the wall which was the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign and his legislative initiatives. This authorization follows earlier legislation passed as a bipartisan measure, the Secure Fence Act, in October 2006. That legislation,...(Read Full Article)