The Strange Rage of Steve Bannon

It was Karl Rove who brought Steve Bannon and me together, and it was the book WTF? How Karl Rove and The Establishment Lost...Again, that motivated Bannon to enlist yours truly to Breitbart.  Bannon even created a series, which he entitled "Rove-Stupid," designed to highlight the failures and foibles of the GOP establishment, and gave me full editorial control.  While Rove is old news at this point, the relevance to today will be evident shortly.  We shared a deep antipathy towards Rove and the GOPe, as Bannon and I both knew that the Rove mindset was emblematic of what ails the GOP establishment.  Amid all the commonality of antipathy about Rove and the establishment, however, there was a noticeable distinction.  Bannon's hatred for Rove was far more personal than mine, and he wanted to destroy the man.  That would've suited me just fine, but my infuriation with Rove is based on how he and the establishment had led the...(Read Full Article)