The Road to Global Oz

"Watchdogs or pit bulls?" I was asking over 30 years ago, as TV newsrooms were turning into kangaroo courts and bully pulpits for journalists of the left, waging war on Western culture.  I wished that an electronic virus could flash a message across the screen whenever a newscast was about to begin: "What you are about to see and hear may be pure bunk.  Discretion advised."  Why shouldn't such a warning precede the flow of partial truths and outright lies from the mouths of apparently intelligent people with pleasant faces?  The regular doses of distortion, misinformation, and smearing were calculated to build a case against America's fundamental values and blur the public's perception of their country and the world they lived in.  I called it then, and I call it today, treason. The washing of American minds with leftist BS became a late 20th-century feature of mainstream publishing, school programs, entertainment, and church...(Read Full Article)