The Other Side of the Bannon-McMaster Conflict

We all remember the character assassination the mainstream media did on Sarah Palin. It was ruthless and many Americans have negative views of the governor without really knowing much about her. Decades early the MSM did the same to Ross Perot. Of course there have been others. This week we are witnessing another relentless character assassination though this time from the conservative Internet news source – Breitbart News - that I read daily. Now it is no secret this is all about conflicts between White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and National Security Advisor LTG H. R. McMaster.  The common opinion is it is a feud between two competitive individuals.  However, it has become a one-sided media assault. All the attacks are coming from Breitbart News of which Steve Bannon used to be executive chair. Every day this week there are multiple stories decrying McMaster as a traitor to Trump. We have not heard a word from H.R. McMaster. We have not heard his...(Read Full Article)