The Left Isn't Giving Up on Colin Kaepernick

What is it they say about New York? “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere?” The lesson in last year’s Colin Kaepernick saga should be, “If you can’t make it as a professional social justice warrior/NFL quarterback in San Francisco, you can’t make it anywhere.” The famously leftist city might have tolerated mediocre play while still supporting him and his progressive message. Only he wasn’t mediocre. He was epically bad, leading the Niners to a 1-10 record in his stint as the starter last year. But don’t tell any of this to the media, who just won’t hear any of it.  After all, it’s ridiculous that Jay Cutler was hired by the Miami Dolphins (to fill in for the injured Ryan Tannehill) when Kaepernick is available, Richard Fowler suggested Monday night on Fox News’s “The Five.” Why? Here’s his brilliant analysis. “I think that Kaepernick is a better quarterback...(Read Full Article)