The Insatiable Left

The architect is finished. Steve Bannon, the wily provocateur who helped push President Trump across the finish line in the bloody 2016 presidential contest, has resigned from his position as White House Chief Strategist. Or, in Washington speech, he was gently nudged out, reportedly handing in his resignation on August 7th. This was a firing by any other name. In elite politics, few are given immediate pink slips. They are pushed, prodded, cajoled, and publicly pressured to leave on their own accord, so as to not besmirch those doing the work of dirty encouragement. Bannon left the White House the same way he came in: Swingin’. In a loose-lipped interview with Weekly Standard, the former Breitbart News head (now-reinstalled) gave a blistering assessment of the Trump presidency. In short, it’s quickly losing its populist credentials and devolving into another milquetoast, ho-hum Republican administration. “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and...(Read Full Article)