The Curious Case of Rainer Baake

Are you worried about the Russian influence on the presidential election? If so, there's a chance you are at least eight years too late. Consider the curious case of Rainer Baake, born in 1955 in the West German town of Witten. From his German Wikipedia entry (translated): After the Abitur (final high school examinations), Rainer Baake worked as a Community Organizer in Chicago from 1974 to 1978. So a 19 year old German went from a small town in Germany to be a community organiser in Chicago for four years. This is as strange as a 19-year-old African-American would be going from the Midwest to work as a community organizer in Hamburg, overcoming the problems of a different skin color and a high-school-level language abiliy.  Doubtless young Rainer had a burning ambition to inform disadvantaged Chicago residents of tenants’ rights and the like. Or perhaps not? And four years? It was as if it was his job or education, that he didn’t have a normal...(Read Full Article)