Stop Calling Jesus a Socialist

Throughout the entire 2016 election and onward, a tired line heard from within the Progressive Christian camp was that it was Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-declared "democratic socialist," who spoke from a policy platform most comparable with the New Testament ethic.  The assumption is that Jesus was himself a quiet socialist, and that his charity while acting as Lord, feeding without profit and giving without return, was to become the governmental archetype for any system built upon the imperative of public utility.  Too often, this assumption is met with shrugged indifference, forcing Christians choosing the moniker of capitalist to do so beneath a darker cloud of judgment. It must be said that Jesus was and is not a socialist by anyone's definition, save those of his revisionists.  The Gospels do not speak of a heavenly economy of democratic access.  Instead, they speak of the Kingdom of God as the advent of an impending regime change...(Read Full Article)