Remove Monuments to Corrupt Leftists

The proper response of conservatives to the moronic and vicious attack by leftists toward any monument that could conceivably offend the highly developed leftist sense of aggrieved feelings is to join the campaign by identifying monuments to corrupt leftists who have been eulogized in politically corrupt history. There is no problem finding such corrupt leftists.  Consider JFK and all the wicked machinations involving his sordid career.  He used organized crime to win the West Virginia primary in 1960, which paved the way for his winning the nomination.  JFK stole the 1960 election through massive voter fraud.  JFK had affairs not only with movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, but also with underage interns whom he tried to entice into using drugs.  President Kennedy also betrayed the Bay of Pigs forces who tried to overthrow Castro with his blessing.  His gross incompetence nearly led the nation into nuclear war over the Cuban Missile Crisis. ...(Read Full Article)