Remember When Chicago Aldermen and Police Seized a Portrait?

It’s not the so-called Confederate statues that are the problem. The problem is the hold that Marxist art theory and criticism has on the U.S. art world. The destruction of our heritage is all part of a Soviet-style purge of the arts, brought to you by Marxist Democrats and the Left. The destruction is part of a movement to redefine the role of public art. Where did this start? Some say it started in our universities and made its way to the streets of our big cities. More specifically, like Obama politics, the social unrest over public art started in Chicago. Few remember when the great, first act in U.S. Marxist art criticism took place. It was 1988. The headline in the New York Times read, “Chicago Aldermen and Police Seize Portrait That Blacks Deem Offensive.” Into the Art Institute they stomped, those Democrat alderman, and pulled the painting off the wall. They were offended. There was no discussion of what makes a work of art...(Read Full Article)