Portrait of a Trump Abandoner

The Republican primaries are the last hope of American civilization and the exact opposite of American Idol.  Every season of American Idol, we started out with a lot of weirdos, and we ended up with a winner.  In the Republican primaries, we start out with a lot of winners, and we wind up with a weirdo.  As such, I voted for Trump because my wife made me do it.  It isn't a glorious reason, but it's true, and now that I've done it, I'm glad I did it.  Both of us were against him, and then, when he wasn't Hillary, we were for him.  I'm still for him, except now I actually like him.  This is the joy of having low expectations. There are people who voted for Trump because they believed in him.  To me, most of these people are crazy.  The man could barely string together a sentence, and when he did, it was as short as the American attention span.  He gave the impression that he had never read a serious book about...(Read Full Article)