Obama 2.0 in 2020

Not surprisingly, Deval Patrick has been ordained by the Obama camp as the favorite for 2020.  As Obama 2.0, the former Massachusetts governor would bring the same failed policies as his mentor.  The danger is that by 2020, much of the electorate will have forgotten just how flawed those policies were. And so a brief reminder: First, Obama was fortunate enough to have inherited an economy that had begun to recover by the time he entered the White House in January 2009.  The economy would have recovered no matter who was president.  Obama's contribution was to make it the slowest post-recession recovery in 70 years. GDP gains following postwar recessions have averaged 4.3%.  Growth under Obama averaged 2%.  So the economic growth the U.S. lost under Obama was at least 18.4% percent (4.3% minus 2% equals 2.3%, times 8, excluding compounding). That growth deficit will continue to shadow those same Millennials and younger Gen Xers who helped...(Read Full Article)