Media and the Politics of Misdirection

Journalists in the Mainstream Media practice the magician’s art of misdirection, leaving important stories in the dark, focusing attention on subjects that serve their political agenda of discouraging his followers and whipping up the energies of his opponents.  

For instance, the Associated Press continually reports the news that President Trump’s approval ratings are low. They take skewed polls and try to push those who support Trump into believing they are extremists and out of the norm.   What the AP and other MSM do minimal reporting on is what Trump is actually accomplishing. Trump has done tremendous things for the VA, has opened pipelines, has helped coal companies and workers, is pushing for vocational training, is reducing regulations as fast as he can and issuing few new ones. 

Consumer confidence and business confidence has risen substantially since Trump took office. The public supports smaller government and lower taxes. The public does not support sanctuary cities and states. Polls have shown that the public supports the RAISE immigration Act just like Trump. Polls support Trump on keeping the statues. Trump has done great work reducing illegal immigration and going after gangs. Polls show overwhelmingly that the public supports photo ID’s for voting. 

Trump is trying as hard as he can to fix the disastrous cascading failure of ObamaCare and is working to fix the complicated tax code and to lower rates. The problem is Congress, where Democrats in lockstep and some Republicans are doing what they can to obstruct Trump and protect the power they have amassed. 

Obama left a disastrous ObamaCare, massive new regulations, never went through Congress on immigration, rarely passed a budget, and left disasters in Syria, The Middle East, North Korea and other places for Trump to attempt to fix. 

The media continually says Trump lies about voter fraud, but recent reports from Chicago have shown more votes than actual voters. Why won’t WP, NYT or AP do an investigative report of this obvious fraud? Don’t they want the public to know?

Obama and the Democrats rarely passed a budget, ran up debt by $10 trillion, and instead of Congress attempting to work with Trump go from one vacation to the next saying Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. He doesn’t know that the goal is to not do much while pretending that they do. 

Obama and the Democrats actually shut down government over ObamaCare funding and threatened to shut down government if Planned Parenthood didn’t get $500 Million. Of course the media repeated the Democrat talking points that Republicans were at fault. 

Emanuel Macron’s approval rating has dropped from 66% to just 36% in just four months despite massive adoration from American and European media, while according to Rasmussen Trump’s has held in the 40’s.

 I can’t understand why the American media aren’t reporting this loudly and why his ratings would drop so much since he is a big supporter of the Paris Climate accord. 

It looks like Justin Trudeau and the Canadians are going to have to get tougher on immigrants and refugees with the novel concept of enforcing the law and the borders.  I wonder why this isn’t widely reported? 

 Somehow, they will turn away Haitians in the same way Obama turned away Cubans. I wonder why Obama and Trudeau have never been called racists and xenophobes the way Trump has for wanting to enforce the border. 

President Obama’s poll ratings stayed high throughout his term, despite Democrats continually losing seats nationwide. No matter how many Republicans won, the polling organizations always skewed their sample with a significant over-sampling of Democrats. That way they get the results they want. What would it take for polling entities to sample an even number of Republicans and Democrats?

I would love for some AP reporter or any reporter to list out Obama’s successful and popular domestic and foreign policies, especially ones that he passed through Congress. I can think of few, so why was he popular?

On a side note: As an Illinois resident, I am so proud to have a pretend-Republican governor who believes being a sanctuary state is the way to go. As Illinois chases away taxpayers and businesses with higher taxes, he welcomes in more illegal immigrants. That will obviously help Illinois. Our politicians are so brilliant in Illinois that we have a 16% maximum estate tax while many states have zero. It seems to be above the comprehension of Madigan and others to understand why the wealthy move away or won’t come to spend and invest their money here. It is such a tough concept to understand. 

Does Rauner think Madigan, Emanuel, other Democrats and reporters will now be more receptive to Rauner and will support him in the next election, because he welcomes people willing to break our immigration laws?

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