Let's Treat College Admissions like Immigration

Last week, President Donald Trump endorsed an immigration bill put forth by Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton. The reaction was swift yet predictable. A so-called Republican strategist, Ana Navaro, called it “un-American,”  Unsurprisingly, she was a Jeb! supporter in the presidential primaries. CNN’s Jim Acosta, auditioning for Wolf Blitzer’s or Don Lemon’s gig on CNN, beclowned himself during a White House press conference by equating a contest-winning poem with the US Constitution. Big deal. CNN doesn’t recognize the US Constitution as a founding document, instead relying on the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post as the law of the land. But all is not lost in the Beltway echo chamber. In a “when pigs fly” moment, Politico defended the immigration bill. This rush to judgment is way over the top, and largely uninformed. The current immigration system is desperately in need of reform, and a careful...(Read Full Article)