If There Aren't Two Sides, Why Is There Division?

George Clooney and his wife just donated a large sum of money to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal hate group active in smearing non-adherents to Marxist theology.  He said, "There are no two sides to bigotry and hate."  Paul Ryan has been equally generous with his wisdom on how there is somehow only one side to issues of bigotry and hatred, though there are clearly two or more cultural factions expressing diametrically opposed views on myriad social and cultural issues. If there are not two sides to a phenomenon, then there is only one side.  If there's only one side, then everyone must be on the same side, since there isn't another option.  Working on such deep philosophical levels, we can then discern that those who rallied in Boston to protest against "free speech," for example, actually speak for all of us when they demand that those who express resistance to anarchy and repression and hatred on the left, and who are...(Read Full Article)