Health Care: Is It Time to Replace the Majority Leader?

On July 30 on "Fox News Sunday" (video and transcript), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said this: [T]he Affordable Care Act is something… that said no free riders. Everybody has to have insurance, so that if your neighbor's not buying insurance and you are, you are paying more because he or she is not. So, this is about enlarging the pool, making it healthier, younger… you have to have a big pool… the more people who are involved in it, the lower the costs are for everyone. The Affordable Care Act did in fact increase the number in the pool that is the individual market, the “Non-Group” market, which is the pool Pelosi was talking about. By 2015, the individual market had increased by around 8 million enrollees, an uptick of close to 58 percent. But costs are still going up, and steeply. It would appear that there is something amiss with Pelosi’s pricing theory.  Pelosi’s position that “you are...(Read Full Article)