Trans Youth: HBO Vice Peddles Child Abuse

Trans Youth An HBO VICE Production Frankly, the name gives it away. Caveat emptor. So a self-selected audience gathered at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. Some of us, perhaps, came out of scientific curiosity. Truth is, I came ready to mock. But I stayed, despite the very uncomfortable quality of the presentation documentary, because I hoped a semblance of balance would permeate the proceedings about “transitioning youth.” Not only was I disappointed, and there was no real attempt to handle the red-hot and excruciating topic with dispassion and anything like scientific rigor, but just sitting still in the packed auditorium space, surrounded by rapt devotees or whoever the new minority victims are, proved uncomfortable in the extreme.  The filmmakers kept referring to this aberrant thing as “human rights.” But is it? Yes, I came to witness the latest craze of irregularity, hoping for science amid the fetish...(Read Full Article)