Doctor Krauthammer's Peculiar Guardrails

In general, the only view that liberal and conservative commentators share today is perturbation about the country and its future.  For liberals, the shocking anomaly in our national life has the name of a man: Donald Trump.  For conservatives, the matter is a little more frazzled.  Some of them decry the leftist intolerance and violence visible on college campuses and elsewhere.  Quite a few elected Republicans and certain talking television celebrities, commonly characterized as conservative, nonetheless, share the Left’s abhorrence of the President.  They may include Kim Jong-un and the Antifa goons with Mr. Trump in the list of humanity’s miscreants.  But the intentions, utterances and deeds of those calling themselves the “Resistance” are not what most bothers them.      The renowned Dr. Charles Krauthammer, arguing on camera against Laura Ingraham, pronounces the President’s remarks at his press...(Read Full Article)