Diversity and the Human Spirit

On the plains of East Africa there are deadly hazards. Lions, leopards, and man are the most dangerous. Grazing animals have evolved strategies for dealing with such: there is safety in numbers. A stray buffalo is fair game, but a herd of them can easily protect its young. There is safety in diversity, as well. It is the norm for herds to be a mix of impalas, zebras, giraffes and wildebeests. Biologists theorize that the different animals in the mix sense different things. So, collectively, the mixed herd is more sensitive to their surroundings and is able to give earlier warning of stalking predators. The individual animals in a mixed herd will be more likely to survive. So what has this to do with human diversity? Humans coalesced into tribes in prehistoric times. Much like interspecies herds of animals, it is plausible that at some point tribes evolved human specialists. Like mixed herds, this would promote the survival of the tribe as well as the individuals within the tribe....(Read Full Article)