China, Inc. Is the World's Biggest Money-Laundering Threat

Hypocrisy – thy name is communist China.   During the Cold War, Chinese communists taunted the U.S.A. with cries of imperialism. Our large multinational corporations were denounced for greedily exploiting the Third World.  Our capitalist system was mocked as corrupt and criminal.  The Maoist version of communism was held up to the world as the panacea.   My, have times changed. China’s incredible economic growth is to be admired. But with the growth comes the concurrent effects of transnational Chinese criminal activity.  Much of the proceeds that fuel the Chinese colossus are tainted and disguised.    Money-laundering is hiding the proceeds of any form of illicit activity.  By measuring dirty money, one measures crime.  Today’s China is demonstrably the world’s biggest money-laundering threat.  The corollary is that China, Inc. is arguably the world’s largest criminal enterprise. The...(Read Full Article)