Bonfire of the Confederate Vanities

Recent events are a reminder of the Medici phrase “omne nefas victis, victoribus omnia sancta” -- “all crimes to the losers, to the winners all things are pure.” The Left in America considers itself a pure winner -- at least in its own mind. As it must always keep winning wars real or manufactured to progress to utopia, Leftists will not acknowledge the Civil War is over.  Of course, the moral purity the Left assumes in its quest to rid the nation of artifacts that would remind Americans of a period of history considered deserving of being erased completely is to be unquestioned. Continuing to fight the Civil War and crushing the American South is a holy battle for leftists, and victory will not be ensured until every vestige of even the memory of slavery and every historical microaggression triggering racism are eradicated forever. An impossible task and a very dangerous one. Dangerous because for one thing, erasure of historical memory...(Read Full Article)