Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” asks Ernie, standing at the top of a chain-of-evolution sequence from sea creature to human being (in an old “Frank & Ernest” cartoon by Thaves). I’ve asked the same rhetorical question, wondering what evolution has in store for us. A nagging doubt continues to trouble me regarding progress, for it has plainly been off the mark as advertised. Technological evolution has advanced by leaps, but what about advances in human evolution?   The following off-beat sketch of our “evolution” is a hint of the disconnect between technological and human progress. Americans born before the digital revolution could not guess that one day they might be: creating text and photos without paper, film, or machine that could be shared with anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly, with a pocket gadget that also serves for phoning, banking, shopping, playing games, research, studying, spying and getting oneself and others...(Read Full Article)