America's Racial History in Context

Slavery ended 152 years ago. Jim Crow segregation ended 52 years ago. Yet here we are, fighting the same battles as if nothing has changed. A few white supremacists and Nazis gathered in Charlottesville, and the whole country is now on edge. The mistake we made is giving them attention as if they represent something more than a fringe of a fringe. They do not. Ninety nine percent of Americans – including the President – appropriately denounce them and their worldview. The white supremacists are rejected by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, colleges, universities, public schools, and the people, so how did 50 nut cases capture the attention of the entire nation? First, extreme leftists went to the rally with sticks, bats, and the hope of having a violent confrontation. They were not disappointed. Three people died as a result. If no one had shown up to counter-protest and the media had simply acknowledged that they were there, it would have been the...(Read Full Article)