America: A Flawed Democracy?

Earlier this year media outlets such as USA Today, the Daily News, and Fortune magazine declared that the U.S.A. had been downgraded from a full to a flawed democracy. This, they reported, was the judgement of the British Economist magazine’s Intelligence Unit which, since 2006, has been rating and comparing 167 countries of the world. Some other countries similarly “flawed” were Italy, Portugal, Chile, Ghana, Paraguay, Senegal, the Philippines, and Brazil, while the 19-member club of “full democracies” included such states as the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Spain, and Canada with the laurels for first place going to Norway. Comparing with one from the first league To choose one country from that group, one wonders what criteria was used to declare that Canada was more democratic. It obviously had nothing to do with how the chief executive (prime minister or president) was appointed as Canada’s is chosen by members of parliament while...(Read Full Article)