Why Single-Payer? And Why Now?

While the rabble on both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C. and the embedded leftist media sycophants continue to wallow in gossip, tawdry tales, and ridiculous rumors regarding all things Trump, some in swamp are working diligently behind the scenes to not only sabotage all attempts to repeal Obamacare, but ensure that single-payer is the next best thing.  The goal is simple: complete capitulation of health care insurance industry, in addition to totalitarian control regarding health care delivery in the United States.  In order to accomplish this goal, an angry, fed up, and complicit American public is required.  You may ask, why single-payer, and why now?   No need to argue that Obamacare is the precursor to single-payer.  Fact is, Obamacare was passed by Democrats in Congress for the sole purpose of failing, in order to usher in single-payer.  The Democrats have known this all along.  Jonathon Gruber's...(Read Full Article)