Tyranny Bares Its Teeth (to Protect Babies, of Course)

What can be more shamelessly, terrifyingly brutal than the righteous, benign mask of progressivism? After humiliating themselves before the universe as the tyrants that they are, the commissars at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, unwilling to admit that stealing babies from their parents in order to murder them is unethical, have doubled down on their moral turpitude. Still unwilling to "allow" Charlie Gard's parents to take custody of their own child (as though loving parents were criminals under a restraining order) in order to try to save his life against the wishes -- not the "judgment," but the wishes, let's be clear about that -- of doctors who have no personal stake in the boy's survival and therefore prefer him to be dead as soon as possible, the hospital has nevertheless cowed before near-universal condemnation from the entire human race just enough to allow an American doctor more expert than they to take a look at the...(Read Full Article)