The Tower of Gender Babble

The first book of the Bible contains a story about a fortunate people who are delivered from the Great Flood.  After their lives are spared from the watery cataclysm, they gather together and settle in Babylonia.  They have no multicultural diversity, which enables them to achieve great works.  They become proud of their advanced technologies, and as their pride grows, they come to feel they can do anything – even rival God through the force of their own identity.   To this end, they begin building a great tower of special bricks to reach Heaven.  To thwart this unholy ambition, God inflicts linguistic diversity upon them, casting them into balal – confusion – to prevent them from communicating with one another.  They swiftly become incapable of using advanced science and abandon building the tower.  The once proud people splinter into language groups who begin to make war against each other. What happened on the plain of...(Read Full Article)