The Mystery of the Russia Collusion Derangement Continues

Consternation.  The ridiculous Russian narrative keeps returning.  It’s like a class B horror flick.  The undead just keep coming.  Nothing stops them.  They are unceasing in their bloodlust, supernaturally strong as they keep going, nothing kills them. Chief in the minds of many is the question, does anyone actually believe this crazy narrative as it becomes a class C movie?  Does anyone actually believe that the President of the United States or his staff, colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?  The surface answer is, no, no one can really believe something that inane for so long without one shred, or hint of evidence that it is true.  That only happens in class D movies. If you saw James O’Keefe’s devastating videos, you know that even the denizens of CNN do not believe it.  Making the jump that most news outlets don’t believe this Russian narrative is not hard to make....(Read Full Article)