The Mystery of the Russia Collusion Derangement Continues

Consternation.  The ridiculous Russian narrative keeps returning.  It’s like a class B horror flick.  The undead just keep coming.  Nothing stops them.  They are unceasing in their bloodlust, supernaturally strong as they keep going, nothing kills them.

Chief in the minds of many is the question, does anyone actually believe this crazy narrative as it becomes a class C movie?  Does anyone actually believe that the President of the United States or his staff, colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?  The surface answer is, no, no one can really believe something that inane for so long without one shred, or hint of evidence that it is true.  That only happens in class D movies.

If you saw James O’Keefe’s devastating videos, you know that even the denizens of CNN do not believe it.  Making the jump that most news outlets don’t believe this Russian narrative is not hard to make.  Yet they persist (not a plagiarism of Chelsea Clinton’s book).  It’s easy to find reasons why the story continues.  The left is power mad.  They are obsessed their ideas were rejected.  They are psychotic.  They are juvenile.  They hate America.  They hate themselves.  They have no moral compass.  They love the ratings and the money it brings.  They need to be cocooned with lies to feed their snowflake egos.  Their God is leftist politics, and she lost. 

I happen to believe all those negatively charged phrases are generally true about the left.  Yet, it’s still hard to fathom why they stick with this narrative.  It’s old, stale, clearly manufactured, and obviously one of the dumbest we’ve had the pleasure to hear.  Consider that most leftists think they are the smartest people in the room, heck, in the world.  According to them, no one smarter has ever been born.  Anywhere.  Yet they persist with the most banal narrative ever devised.  How do we reconcile the haughty superiority complex of the left with the increasingly obvious nothingnotevenveggie-burger of the Russian narrative?

We can’t really.  It’s a mystery.  One that’s very deep, complex, and somewhat incomprehensible.  Winston Churchill said that Russia was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  A perfect description for the country of the Tsars, the Soviets, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, and Putin.  It must be said, the left’s desire to take this mysteriously enigmatic country and impute them wanting to, and then installing Donald Trump as President over the goddess of world peace, light, and goodness is entirely absurd.

If our cartoonists were as clever, and funny, as those from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle era, we could have endless seasons of Boris Badanov and Natasha tempting the Trump family to collude with them.  If we had just one comedian that had the stones to cross the current self-imposed PC line of anti-Trumpism, they could have a standup routine that would last for years, or a sitcom as number one on prime-time TV for a decade.  That’s how much great humor could be dragged from the believers of this whole narrative.  It’s already the butt of jokes used at most office water coolers and meetings.

But I digress.

Because psychosis is serious.  Because delusion is destructive.  Because denial is, as the saying goes, not just a river in Egypt.  And the mystery of how this idiotic, laughable and ludicrous narrative survives is important to solve.  Not just for the humor and schadenfreude watching the left melt down.  Or the #nevertrumpers.  Having watched interviews Tucker Carlson had with two formerly right of center foreign policy experts was shocking this past week.  Both Ralph Peters and Max Boot were as defiantly angry, and just as laughable as most of the risible hosts of leftist TV newscasters.  Peters looked like he wanted to jump out of his chair and strangle Tucker.  Boot appeared as if he was going to do a Dr. Strangelove salute as he rambled on about the horrors of Tucker questioning the narrative.  Here are some money quotes of formerly sane experts:

Peters:   “You made your career being an American conservative patriot, and now you're suddenly cheering for Vladimir Putin?”  And “ Vladimir Putin hates America, he wants to hurt us. Suddenly Vladimir Putin is a good guy, Russia is okay, no it's not. Russia is evil, Russia is our enemy.”  And “You're not talking about dealing with them,"  "You're talking about an alliance, an anti-terror alliance."

Boot:  “ I'm very disturbed, Tucker, when I see you at the top of the show, you and Mark Steyn yakking it up over the fact that Putin is interfering and meddling in our election process. Undermining the sanctity of our elections to try to get Donald Trump elected. And that Donald Trump, Jr., when he's told that Putin's government wants to support the Trump campaign, he doesn't pick up the phone to the FBI, he says "I love it." That to me is very disturbing. But what's even more disturbing is that you don't think it is disturbing. “

That’s pretty heavy invective; please watch these interviews to learn just how insane this narrative has become.  Poor Tucker, just for asking questions, he is compared to those who once looked upon Hitler favorably.   Having read the transcripts, it’s hard not to conclude that both of these experts believe the Russian narrative to a great degree.   They answered my question.  Yes, some people really believe this, even formerly rational people that aren’t apparent leftists.  It was shocking.  I hope they were just acting the part for TV, and even that is a disturbing thought.  It’s good to know they are a miniscule minority, but disturbing nonetheless.

This has been said before, but taking what’s known as Occam’s Razor to this mystery is crucial.  Doing so should dissuade anyone from accepting a narrative that has less proof than the dog ate my homework when there is no dog around.  Why would the eeevil Russians want to replace the Obama/Clinton axis that gave them everything they could possibly want for eight long years?

Collusion?  Obama is the one who was shown colluding when he was caught on a hot mic saying to an important Russian diplomat, ““On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space,” “This is my last election,”  “After my election I will have more flexibility.”   Now that was proof.

Obama/Clinton allowed them to move on Crimea and the Ukraine, and to stay in Georgia with nary a whimper.  Under Hillary Clinton’s watch, the Uranium One deal transpired.  Russia got approximately 20% of American uranium interests, while the Clinton Foundation allegedly received over a hundred million dollars in payback, while her husband’s speaking fees in Russia apparently doubled immediately after the deal.   Now that was proof.

Okay, so why would Vladimir want to exchange the easy mark of Hillary for a candidate who wanted to strengthen the US military, foreign policy, energy policy, and restore the economy to lead the world once again?  Occam’s Razor: After almost a year of “Russia ate my homework” narratives, no way in Hell would Vladimir want to make that trade.

So how do we explain this mysterious psychotic delusion?   

At this point, it’s not possible.  Theories abound.  Many of them are true.  One can blame Clinton bitterness, Obama weaponizing the government, the deep state fighting Trump, the Democrats gone mad, the media following them all over the cliff, the democrat base requiring blood for the loss.  So much craziness, so little time.

One thing is for certain.  This irrationality should stop.  The left, its power brokers and media shills need to take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and simply stop making fools of themselves.   They will never regain power with this narrative, it’s actually driving more people towards the right; people would rather become the butt of jokes about believing in unicorns than this stuff.

On the center right, can you please stop diddling around doing nothing with the Russian narrative as an excuse?   You may feel comfortable doing nothing, but that’s a recipe for disaster.  For you, and for us.  The one thing that is no mystery:  Trump’s agenda is what America wants, and expects.  If you do not deliver it, you can kiss your power good bye.

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