The Imminent Death of Venezuelan Democracy

The successor to the Venezuela’s socialist leader Hugo Chavez, who died over four years ago, Nicolas Maduro, has proposed a vote for a new constitutional assembly on this Sunday.  Note that on July 16, 2017, there was a vote sanctioned by the opposition (to Maduro) Assembly, to ask Venezuelans if they wanted a new constitution.  Even though there were many actions taken by the government to thwart this election, 7.6 million people voted in this country of 30 million people.  About 98% of the vote was for no new constitution. Furthermore, people voted that the Armed Forces should enforce the constitution and that the National Assembly not be changed. Notwithstanding how the majority voted, Maduro will continue with his quest to consolidate more power this coming Sunday.  A sampling of what the new constitution bodes for the “Venezuelan democracy” is reported allegedly by a former Attorney General under Chavez, Luisa Ortega, as a conduit for a...(Read Full Article)