The Democratic Party's Ominous Shift

Democrats have long believed they alone occupy the intellectual high ground, regardless of the issue.  Recently, their party has undergone an ominous shift.  Part of this involves their staunch refusal to engage in any meaningful debate of the issues -- considering everyone else as just a bunch of cultural infidels.  This is a dangerous mindset, as it threatens the fundamental underpinnings of our civility, and thus the overall stability of America. The political energy driving the Democratic Party today primarily comes from the Left’s dominance in academia, entertainment, and media.  This affords them an unprecedented ability to influence what most people learn, see, and hear -- carefully controlling both the medium and the message to keep certain demographics increasingly mired in grievance, fear, and hate.  At the heart of it all, of course, is identity politics, producing hotbeds of victim identities that form the basis for the incredibly divisive...(Read Full Article)