The Abject Failure of the Left's Sexual Revolution

A few weeks ago, prior to Father's Day, William McGurn wrote a beautiful and politically incorrect article in the Wall Street Journal.  He discussed the fact that men and women continue to be different in their approach to sexual intimacy even during the modern era of "anything goes."  Being a therapist for over 30 years and hearing the same theme with men and women of all ages, I wrote the following letter to Mr. McGurn: As a longtime WSJ reader and center-to-right psychotherapist, yes that is right, a minority in my profession, I could not agree with you more!  I have witnessed personally and professionally the post nineteen sixties' push to expel differences between men and women for my entire adult life.  You are correct.  I cannot tell you how many women echo what you stated.  We are different, and carefully, I reiterate your very sentiments over and over with both my female and male clients.  In the quiet and safety of my...(Read Full Article)