Thank You, John McCain

When it became apparent that our feckless, er, ah, “representatives” in Congress weren’t going to have the cojones to do what they promised to do, the best that was going to come out of the Washington sausage factory was something well short of Repeal and Replace. Between bogus CBO pronouncements, proclamations of dead people lying in the streets, and turncoat Republicans (yeah, I’m talking to you John Kasich) using Liberal talking points to sell the idea of expanded entitlements, the outcome was nothing less than optimal. As senators crafted a “skinny” (read; anorexic) reform bill, the very best outcome was for the vast bulk of ObamaCare to live on in infamy, with Republicans now having a hand in its all-too certain collapsed future. Republicans erred from the jump. We made the mistake of arguing against ObamaCare. ObamaCare, for all intents and purpose, is dead. We are at the proverbial healthcare fork in the road. The path ahead isn’t...(Read Full Article)