Parents vs. Paternalists: The Charlie Gard Case

Many important questions are raised by the case of ten-month-old Briton Charlie Gard, sentenced to death against the wishes of his parents who had raised money for a desperate last hope of life-saving treatment in America. For months, those parents fought a losing battle, all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, to invoke the human tradition of parental authority against the impersonal death cult of progressive paternalism which had condemned their son. One of the most subtle and telling questions, raised by many, is what would happen should Charlie's parents be granted permission to keep him alive with experimental treatments, only to find their son trapped permanently in a vegetative state. Should Britain's national health care system be on the hook to pay to keep a baby alive indefinitely in such a condition? In short, no -- because the British government should not be providing health care. The question occurs to us, and seems complicated, only if we...(Read Full Article)