King Abdullah of Jordan Needs to Abdicate

I met Mudar Zahran, currently the Secretary General of the Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC), some six years ago and have kept closely in touch with him over the years.  I watched the JOC being formed and take shape, just as I watched their plan Operation Jordan is Palestine (OJIP) take shape. The goal of the later is: “To establish Jordan as the Palestinian homeland, in accordance with international law, where refugees will be settled within safe and secure borders, allowing Israel to become a fully recognized, sovereign state over all of its soil, including all land west of the Jordan River.” To make this possible, King Abdullah needs to abdicate. While I agree with this Plan, I never promoted it personally, at least not until Donald Trump was elected president. I believe that if President Trump is won over by the plan, he can (and will) make it happen. It will mean the end of UNRWA and the PA. In April, in the hope of winning him over, I wrote The...(Read Full Article)