Is Space Exploration a Bipartisan Issue Trump Can Seize?

When Barack Obama shut down much of NASA’s Space Shuttle funding eight years ago, many were disappointed. After all, his predecessor George W. Bush had worked hard to create a program that would put humans back on the moon by 2020. And while nobody could have guessed it at the time, Obama’s actions could open a door for President Trump to gain bipartisan support for a revitalized program. Trump Renews Focus on Space Exploration This past March, right in the middle of his “First 100 Days,” Trump sat down in the Oval Office and met with some of NASA’s biggest figures to talk about a mini victory. The president had just signed a bill that authorized giving the agency a current year budget boost to $19.5 billion and restoring the focus on manned space flights. Trump was happy, cutting jokes with his White House visitors, and even charming the members of the press who were there taking pictures and rapidly recording sound bites. It was a rare moment...(Read Full Article)