Improving Health Care: The Doc-in-a-Box Option

The current debate over government-subsidized health care seems unsolvable -- there is just not enough money to give everyone what they demand. Nevertheless, this circle can be squared, at least partially, and in a way that will satisfy both free market conservatives and champions of helping the poor. The solution depends on is how health care is viewed and what constitutes “accessibility.” Moreover, this could be accomplished quickly and, in fact, much of it already exists without budget-busting machinations. While admittedly far from perfect, it will certainly help millions of Americans gain better and more affordable health care. “Health care” should be viewed as a consumer product comparable to food, housing, clothing and other marketplace commodities. So, just as some people of equal incomes daily patronize McDonald’s for cheap burgers, others will skimp for monthly steakhouse filet mignon. In medical terms, some with a medical problem will insist...(Read Full Article)