Genius of Trump and the NRA

I could never say the things about Mika Brzezinksi that Donald Trump said the other day in a tweet. I was brought up to believe that a man never insults a woman in public (or in private, for that matter). Yet you have to admit it was a deliciously aggressive micturition by the president on the progressive political press. Aggressiveness has been missing for too long on the right. It seems that no matter how far the left sinks in their attacks on Republicans, the right can never seem to bring itself to fight back. Mika started it with her tweet of a bowl of Cheerios saying “Made for small hands,” implying the size of Trump’s hands (which are small) are a good indication of the size of his penis -- and that is just fine, no crossing the line there. Isn’t she just too classy? Yet, when the president fights back with his own tweet, he has crossed the line. Keep in mind he made no comment about the size of Mika’s breasts or anything to do with her...(Read Full Article)