Europe Must Resist Third-World Migration

Bill Gates has recently commended Germany for allocating 0.7% of GDP for payments to fight poverty in less developed developing countries (LDDCs).  With his infinite browser wisdom, he asserts that the developed world, especially Europe, must increase these contributions or face a flood of migration from the LDDCs that will overwhelm the continent.  We all understand that by "overwhelm," he is referring to crime, housing, health care, education, and cultural viability of European identities.  In short, the Europe we know will be crushed.  Gates's vocabulary includes terms like "unfolding tragedy," "migratory pressure," and "development aid payments."  He is fixated on drama ("tragedy"), demography, and the tired category of development that has become a cliché in use for the last 72 years since the end of WWII.  These terms out of the business and administrative glossary fail to capture the...(Read Full Article)