Chicago Tribune Columnist Disses National Anthem

Exercising the freedoms of speech and press that so many have given their last measure of devotion for, Chicago Tribune contributor Diana Goetsch has penned an op-ed defending disgraced and unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin  Kaepernick and his infamous taking the knee during the national anthem. Not stopping there, Goetsch goes on to slam the national anthem as a “pompous battle number” that wasn’t played before sporting events until 1942 in the dark days of World War II. One wonders if Goetsch has pondered the possibility that were it not for the sacrifice of veterans during World War II she just might be plying her trade writing her tirades in Japanese or German. The flag  the national anthem celebrates was raised at Iwo Jima and never stopped flying at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. Let us make the obligatory stipulation that both Kaepernick and Goetsch have the right to express their opinions through their actions and words....(Read Full Article)