Why the European Union Is Failing

What will the future of the European Union be?  Bruce Thornton projects a solution to their future that lies in the EU showing greater respect for the diversity of cultures of its member states.  He states, “The challenge facing Europe today is not just reforming its economies or crafting saner immigration policies. It is whether the EU leadership can allow a greater recognition of and respect for the member nations’ distinct identities and sovereignty….” In short, there needs to be a better balance between the EU continental/globalist aspirations and the national identities and aspirations of the member states. To some degree we can see the EU as using the USA as a model of federalism.  Just as our states came together to form a “more perfect union,” the European member states, beginning with the Treaty of Rome in 1954, have worked step-by-step to build a common economy and other areas of integrated policy and action. The...(Read Full Article)